Supporting Childhood Cancer, It’s a Family Mission

Written by Maitland Danner, Director of Operations

Not everyone had the honor and privilege to know Isabella. But for those who did, their lives were forever changed. She was captivating and magnetic and she managed to wiggle her way into the heart of so many. The people she touched, continue to fight for her mission, year after year because it mattered then…and it still matters now. 

So many incredible people help us continue Isabella’s legacy, but one couple that floats to the top of our minds.. never ceases to amaze us. 

Meet Keith and Christine Brent. 

Keith and Christine have been with us from day one. They also raised their now-adult children as part of our ISF family too. They are a family that sticks together, fights together, serves, and gives back together. They are one of a kind and we adore them. 

Keith and Christine knew Isabella from the time she was growing in her mommy’s belly and were there the moment she was diagnosed with this awful disease…and never looked back. 

They have taught their kids the importance of giving back as well. 

Madison, Keith and Christine’s daughter, invited Isabella to her sweet 16th birthday party as her special guest. At the time, Isabella wasn’t doing well, and being a part of this celebration brought so much joy and happiness to her during a tough time. It’s hard to think that Isabella would be celebrating her own 16th birthday in March, had cancer not taken her away. 

KJ, Keith, and Christine’s son, also shared in the family support. He was constantly asking how he can get more involved, what more could he do, and how he could make a difference…on top of volunteering his time. Today, KJ has a seat on our Board. 

Christine also heads up her school dance team and involves them year after year, volunteering without fail at our annual 5k for Kids Cancer. This made such an impact on these students that some of them even circled back with us years later, through our intern program. 

But all of this comes back to the heart of Keith and Christine. They set the wheels in motion and set the example for so many others doing more and more.  You will find these adorable high school sweethearts running miles and miles around Charlotte in honor of Isabella and all kids fighting cancer. Every time their feet hit the pavement, they are fundraising. Asking little by little and over time…it adds up BIG. 

To date, this family has raised over $30,000 for ISF just by letting their friends and family know their passion for the cause.  Talk about impact…WOW! To this day, Christine still runs with a small picture of Isabella proudly attached to her shoelace. 

This family is the real deal. When you love something, it shows…and they certainly do light up. They loved Isabella and love every other child still fighting today. They have immersed themselves in what we stand for and stand for the same. 

We will always need donors.  We will always need fundraisers. And we will always need volunteers. But when we can get all three in the same package…we know we hit the jackpot and feel completely overwhelmed with gratitude. 

Thank you, Keith and Christine…. You truly inspire all of us. Keep being you….and keep lighting up the world with your contagious love and compassion.