Mighty Mason Fights Stage IV High-Risk Neuroblastoma

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Mighty Mason Fights Stage IV High-Risk Neuroblastoma

Written by Rachel Wood, Director of Marketing

Mason was diagnosed with stage IV high-risk Neuroblastoma November 19, 2019. After several weeks of headaches and vomiting, a CT scan discovered tissue tumors on Mason’s skull.  The tumors were causing swelling to his brain resulting in his headaches. After more testing, a primary tumor was found on his left adrenal gland. 

In May Mason went into remission.  Unfortunately, in mid-August. 2 tumors were discovered on his skull. 1 on his hip. He had relapsed.

Mason and his family live in Evansville, IN and were in need of more treatment options.  They recently transferred Mason’s cancer care to Charlotte under Dr. Sholler and her Isabella Santos Foundation Rare & Solid Tumor Program team at Levine Children’s.  Just last week Mason traveled to Charlotte from his hometown and completed MIBG therapy in the Isabella Santos Foundation MIBG Therapy Suite.  The plan is to move onto DFMO next.

“We have absolutely loved our time at Levine Children’s. It’s so unfortunate anyone has to be there doing MIBG therapy (or any cancer treatment really), but I know we are always in the best hands. Dr.O and his team were so easy to work with. They kept in close contact with us even all the way in Indiana. Mason was diagnosed in November 2019 and we learned quickly he was not a textbook case of Neuroblastoma. So we needed to explore other options. We reached out to Levine Children’s and Dr.O and Dr.Sholler’s team was quick to respond and get us set up for a consultation and then we moved forward with their recommendation for MIBG therapy.

MIBG is not for the faint of heart. It was unlike any other treatment we have ever done before. No he was not in pain or feeling sick like the others we have done. I’d have to say the overall experience was pretty good! The MIBG suite was set up with everything we needed as a family! Mason especially loved all his goodies. We are very thankful for ISF for all they did to help make this experience as easy as possible for us!”

Mason is just one example of how your financial support is hard at work, and we are incredibly grateful for your support.[/av_textblock]

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