Melting Pot Helps Give Cancer Warrior a First Date

Written by Rachel Wood, Director Of Marketing

These two are the best of buddies! Ever since Hunter, Program Coordinator at Levine Children’s Seacrest Studios, met Landon last summer, they have shared a very special bond. Landon’s heart was immediately captured and he has called her his girlfriend since. Hunter quickly became part of his family and always goes out of her way to show love to Landon and his mom. They have the sweetest relationship and Landon is such a motivator for Hunter to keep advocating for kids with cancer.

Over the last several weeks, Landon’s parents have focused on making sure Landon is living life to the fullest with many very special experiences. Hunter wanted to help provide something special for Landon and we wanted to help so we called up our partners at The Melting Pot to ask if they were willing to help provide a very special ‘First Date’ for the two. Of course, they were all in. Thank you The Melting Pot location for opening your doors early yesterday afternoon just for Hunter and Landon and donating a very special fondue experience for their ‘First Date’.

“He’s so sweet. I just absolutely adore him. He’s created so much magic in my life and I just wanted to create even the smallest amount of magic for him in return. I wanted his first date to be as special as possible and something he and his parents will never forget.”

Landon was diagnosed with stage 3 Astrocytoma last summer and was relocated to Charlotte for his treatment at Levine Children’s. Unfortunately, Landon’s cancer spread to the brain, and at the end of July, Landon had surgery to attempt to remove as much of the tumor as possible. In September, Landon’s parents learned his tumor had grown significantly with many new tumors located on his pons, medulla, cerebellum, and his spinal cord. Landon is currently in palliative care with the goal of being as comfortable as possible and having the best days of his life.