Kids Helping Kids: Meet Addison

Addison has already committed her 13th birthday to the Isabella Santos Foundation to help kids fighting cancer. She plans to host a pool party and ask for donations instead of presents. Addison gathered her friends last summer for a lemonade stand and raised over $100 in her neighborhood. She has now recruited some of those same friends to run with her on Isabella’s Run Team.

Last year, Addison was the youngest member of Isabella’s Run Team. She showed up every Saturday morning wearing purple and ready to get in her miles. She is a quiet runner, but she is motivated and raised over $1,000 to help kids fighting cancer. What an honor it is to have Addison as part of the ISF family!

Hi, I’m Addison and I’m 12 years old. This is my second year on the Isabella Santos Run Team. I love this team because you can interact while running around cool places!! One time we ran near a Starbucks and after the run I got to pick out my favorite drink, we also ran near Amelie’s and got macaroons after!!

When my mom asked if i wanted to join the team again this year I was honored.

This team has made me so grateful for everything I have and makes me happy to do it. A few years ago a good friend of ours, Noah Hays, was diagnosed with cancer, and sadly he passed away last June.  My friends and I raised money by setting up a lemonade stand with friends and gave it to Noah’s family!! I’m so glad I got to give Noah something memorable before it was his time.

Running for this cause is what makes me want to help raise money so that it can go towards finding a cure and to help other kids with cancer.  I realize that running and fundraising is a simple way to help real life problems. I’m honored to be a part of this team and happy some more friends my age are joining. If you have an interest in running (even if you aren’t normally a runner, this team helps you get better) I recommend you try this team. Last year I could barely run a 5k and I have run two 10ks now!! This club has inspired me so much.  This year I plan to host neighborhood lemonade stands and bake sales and also do a fundraiser cookout at my house for my 13th birthday in July. Last year I raised over $1000 for this team and I would love to beat that total this year!

Addison, Member of Isabella’s Run Team

How can you not feel inspired by Addison, we certainly do! Nothing better than kids helping kids and Addison provides a great example of another way to get involved with our community. With Addison’s birthday coming up at the end of July, we hope you feel moved to help cheer her on by making a single donation to her ISF Run Team fundraising page. Every single dollar counts in helping bring change to rare pediatric cancer in Charlotte and beyond.

Want to join Isabella’s Run Team? It’s not too late! Sign up or contact us with questions!

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