It Started With A Girl…

New year. New look.  With 10 years behind us, we made the decision to start the new year with an updated look.  We have so many new things on the horizon, we felt like our Isabella logo needed to evolve again as the foundation grows.

You probably have noticed that we take every detail into consideration here at ISF.  We like purple… we like to make sure our mark in on everything and no bow goes untied.  Our ISF girl logo is no different.

When the foundation was created, our stick logo was created based on Isabella.  Very innocent and child like.  Because of Isabella’s physical limitations, art became her safe place.  Isabella would spend hours drawing and coloring.  She would draw pictures for everyone and it became her way of saying thank you.  What started as a stick figure little girl that Isabella could easily draw and color, became something else.  It became her legacy.

Several years ago, Isabella’s stick figure logo evolved into the girl on the world.  After all, that is how we all saw Isabella.  We saw that the world was at her fingertips and no matter what happened to her, she was going to conquer anything.  It started with a girl….

This logo has moved and shaped into a life of it’s own.  We love to spot our Isabella logo around the community and on the walls in the hospitals or organizations we work hard to impact.  We love that Isabella lives on through her own art stamp and that we see her in the kids we are hoping to help. She is changing the world.

What do you think of our updated Isabella logo?

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