ISF Newsletter, June 2021: Summer Feels! Powered by OrthoCarolina

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Summer Feels! Powered by OrthoCarolina

Written by Rachel Wood, Director of Marketing

ISF Newsletter, June 2021 (Don’t receive our newsletter in your inbox, sign up here)

June is a big month.  It’s crazy that on June 28th, Isabella will have been gone 9 years.  Almost a decade.  Some days it feels like yesterday and other days it feels like many worlds away. ISF and every single thing we do was all started because of her courageous fight and we are beyond grateful for how much you have helped achieve for pediatric cancer in her name.

ISF Summer Intern Lead Class, powered by OrthoCarolina

June is filled with so many positive things, starting with adding over 100 summer interns to the ISF family!  Our Summer Intern Program is about to kick into high gear and we are extremely thrilled to announce that Charlotte-based orthopedic practice, OrthoCarolina, has stepped up to the plate to sponsor the ISF Summer Intern Program!

Our Lead Interns started on June 1st and have been busy learning about the foundation, building their teams, and planning their fundraising strategies! They had their first educational session led by Blair Primis, Sr. VP of Marketing & Talent Management at OrthoCarolina,  which focused on being an effective and efficient leader. Their volunteer interns start next week.

This group of interns are future doctors, teachers, community leaders, and cancer advocates.  They have made the choice to do something big with their summer.  It’s remarkable that OrthoCarolina has chosen to do something big too… by sponsoring the Intern Program they are investing in the future leaders of our community.   We hope you will follow along through the summer, engage, cheer them on and share their work!  

“At our core, OrthoCarolina is a world-class organization of professionals from the community, serving the community, in order to advance our community.

We are proud to support the Isabella Santos Foundation’s summer internship program to help cultivate the next generation of community leaders while powering the fight against pediatric cancer.

We are excited to see their efforts come to life across the Charlotte community and beyond.” -OrthoCarolina

ISF Annual Platelet Drive |  June 25-28

Cancer patients need platelet and blood transfusions to help them continue fighting.  It’s up to us to help them! Join us for the
ISF Annual Platelet Drive with OneBlood June 25-28.  What better way to celebrate Isabella’s life or someone you know who has fought cancer than by helping another!  Blood drive locations include the OneBlood Isabella Santos Center (12239 Community House Rd) and the Charlotte Center (4447 South Blvd).

Platelets are tiny blood cells formed in the bone marrow that help form clots to stop bleeding. Low platelet count in cancer patients can result in frequent nose bleeds, bruising, bleeding gums, and more severe health complications. Additionally, it can delay necessary cancer treatments and prolong the overall treatment plan, so many patients need to receive regular platelet transfusions.

For every platelet or blood donation made at the above-mentioned donor centers between June 25-28, OneBlood will make a $10 donation to the Isabella Santos Foundation as a thank you for saving lives!  All donors will receive a wellness checkup including COVID-19 antibody test, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, iron count, and cholesterol screening. 

Appointments are required to donate.  Make an appointment: OR call 1.888.9.DONATE (1.888.936.6283)[/av_textblock]

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