ISF Board of Directors Spotlight: Blair Primis, OrthoCarolina

ISF Board of Directors Spotlight: Blair Primis, OrthoCarolina

Written by Rachel Wood, Director of Marketing

For all of us at ISF, it is especially important to have a team of board members who are invested in Charlotte and understand the significance and impact of its growth. We want to surround ourselves with people who love this city, this region and want to make it the best there is. We are so proud of this crew and they continue to amaze us with their strong passion to help us succeed, in any way they can.

Meet Blair Primis, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Talent Management, OrthoCarolina:

We first met Blair in 2016 through OrthoCarolina’s sponsorship of Isabella’s Dream Team. Since then he has been a mentor and advocates for everything we do, leading us to think outside of the box and look at goals in a different way. So much so, we find ourselves questioning ‘What would Blair do?’ as we strive to set ISF apart from the crowd. He is a marketing genius, thought leader, and visionary. But the one thing we feel Blair is the best at is building community! Whether it’s through his personal support or through the support of OrthoCarolina, our foundation and Charlotte are better because of him.

“As my organization continued to partner with ISF I become more interested in the mission personally. I was drawn to the amazing accomplishments the organization had achieved over the years and felt compelled to play a larger role in any way I could.

I have a general belief that making communities stronger is the responsibility of every company. Personally, I try to engage as an individual too, supporting our home-grown efforts to make our city shine.”

Blair grew up as a big hockey fan and dreamed of becoming a color commentator for a hockey team. Although that didn’t happen, we are honored Blair believes in our mission to help give kids with cancer the opportunities to live out their dreams and their futures.

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