Carpe Diem During Training?

There’s a joke in the running world that goes something like this: “How can you tell if someone is training for a marathon? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.” It’s true. When you are in marathon mode, nothing else seems to be as important. It’s not about days of the week, it’s about miles and recovery. There is a countdown to everything… the next long run…the next speed work…the marathon. As my husband can attest, our conversations rarely deviate from miles run, recovery and the plan for race day.

This year, my husband threw me a curveball.   On September 30th we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Last month, he suggested we take a trip to celebrate, a big trip. So, we’ve left the boys for the first time and traveled to Italy. What were my first thoughts when he suggested we go? “How would my training work overseas? Should we postpone our anniversary until after the marathon?”

This week I broke out of my regimented marathon schedule and headed overseas. I won’t lie – I crammed in 2 -16 mile runs in the days leading up to the trip, so I didn’t have to do a long run in Italy. We are walking so much that I haven’t pushed myself to do the miles I know I should. I’m loading up on carbs and giving my body a little recovery. The wine is flowing and the gelato is piled high.

I know it’s a risky move, 5 weeks before the marathon to go on vacation. If there is one thing I have learned being a part of the Dream Team, it’s to seize the moment. Isabella has taught us all that life is too short, it can be taken too soon. When you have an opportunity to celebrate life, love & family – you have to do it! Now that I’m here, I’m embracing the time with my husband in this beautiful country. I know that even if this trip sets me back a bit, even if it costs me a few hard miles next week, it is all worth it.


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