Cancer Messed with the Wrong Kid

Cancer Messed with the Wrong Kid…


Isabella’s Dream Team is an endurance running program that raises money for The Isabella Santos Foundation (ISF), while training for half and full marathons. ISF is a local Charlotte non-profit charity that raises money for Neuroblastoma research, as well as, supporting our community.

Our goal is to connect people to Isabella and her story, but, unfortunately, her story is just one of many. On average, 163 U.S. children will lose their battle with cancer each month. Did you know that childhood cancer receives less than 4% government funding for research?

Children in the richest nation, with the highest standard of living, the greatest world power, the country that went to the moon, has to rely on lemonade stands, cookie sales, parents shaving their heads and running marathons all to raise money to the stop the #1 killer of our children.

I’ve always believed that you should fight for good causes because you should – it’s what you do. If you can make a difference, do it.” – Kelly C. {Isabella’s Dream Team in 2015}

We continue to be a volunteer based grassroots effort, and look to grow our impact locally and expand into other communities. We are currently recruiting runners and run walkers to join our passionate team in Charlotte and surrounding areas. If you are not local to Charlotte, you could join us virtually from your town, select your own race and still be a part of this growing movement.

Our team has experienced tremendous growth over the past two seasons and we do not expect anything less in 2016.

2014: 25 participants raising $34,000
2015: 64 participants raising $113,000
2016: 100 participants raising $150,000 (goal)

The fundraising component is minimal compared to the larger charities that ask you to cover the difference if you do not meet the minimum. We simply ask each participant to fundraise at least $500, but our hope is that each person will fundraise much more than that. We have very awesome incentives that run each month that encourages everyone to raise the bar.

“I’m running because no parent should have to hear the words, ‘we’re out of options’. I’m running because awareness is nothing next to action.” – Andrew M. {Isabella’s Dream Team 2015}

Our target races this year: RnR Savannah (11/5), Charlotte Marathon (11/12), Nashville Marathon (11/12); all races have a half and full option with the Charlotte Marathon having a marathon relay (5 runners: 4-6 miles increments). Last year, we had teammates that ran the NYC Marathon and Route 66 Half Marathon on behalf of our team. This year, one will be running the Marine Corps Marathon. It’s your choice what race you’d like to do, and we could always tweak the training schedule to match your race calendar.

What we provide:

  • Training schedules (half, marathon & marathon relay)
  • Team swag
  • Weekend long runs, weekday run options
  • Socials
  • Camaraderie
  • Motivation


How to join the team?

Cancer does not define who we are, but the way we fight it does. Join the fight.

Fight cancer. Run with us.


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