Cancer Families Step Up to Fundraise for ISF Virtual 5K Event

Every year, our 5K event is a big celebration in honor of the kids we fight for and in memory of those we lost. It’s a morning full of hope and inspiration, but the thing we missed most this year was getting to see the faces of all our cancer kids and their families.  But that is why we went virtual right?… to protect them!

Since we couldn’t host our event in person, peer-to-peer fundraising was more crucial than ever.  We are so appreciative of the cancer families who stepped up to fundraise on behalf of ISF, in honor of their little fighters.  These teams truly understand that our event is much more than an exciting morning, full of food and fun, but truly a way to make an impact on kids fighting cancer. Without their determination, our event would not have been as successful as it was. Their fundraising efforts went above and beyond during a time when we needed it most. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Team Brave & Gold:  $15,915.17

In honor of Brinn, Neuroblastoma warrior, who finished treatment this past spring and just recently had her routine scans where no evidence of disease was found again. Thank you to Donna Reed who spearheaded Team Brave & Gold and has been such an advocate for pediatric cancer and used her passion to create awareness and make a significant impact. Thank you to Brinn’s Mom, Kellie, and her friends who created Bows for Brinn.  A creative fundraiser to raise funds for their team and brought in $5455 towards their total number.

Team Gems for Isabella:  $5,750.91

In honor of Gemma, Wilms Tumor survivor, who is 2.5 years out of treatment and currently in the survivorship clinic. Team Gems for Isabella is one of our largest fundraising teams every year! Melissa and James Scanlon have been involved in various ways with ISF for many years and have made such an impact.

Team #FightingwithMerritt:  $4,276.37

In honor of Merritt, Rhabdomyosarcoma warrior, who recently rang the end of treatment bell in August and shows no evidence of disease. Merritt and her family are always looking for ways to help ISF and our mission to fight rare cancers. Also..a very special thank you to team member, Tim “McBeast” McBride for being their top fundraiser. Tim’s efforts are incredible, he has a true passion and determination to fight for these kids all year long. 

Team Luca, Our Fight Soung:  $3,281.96

In honor of Luca, Wilms Tumor warrior, completed treatment end of August and recent scans revealed no evidence of disease. We recently featured Luca during our September series.  Luca’s family does what they can to raise awareness and has also brought a significant impact to Clair’s Army.