A Cancer Mom’s Favorite Lame Excuses for Why People Can’t Give Blood

Tell a mom whose child passed away from cancer you can’t give blood… she will reply back with a snarky remark. Simply put, blood products give cancer patients a chance to fight back from the cancer that is trying to take them down.

Isabella endured five relapses with high-risk neuroblastoma before passing away at 7-years old in 2012. The countless blood products she received helped her avoid infections, treat anemia, avoid excessive bleeding during surgery and helped her stay strong during chemo treatments.  Join us and book your appointment now for our largest blood drive on March 9th.

Enjoy Erin Santo’s roundup of all time favorite lame excuses why people can’t give blood…

A Cancer Mom’s Favorite Lame Excuses for Why People Don’t Give Blood, by Erin Santos


  • “I’m good.” (What does this even mean?)
  • “I’m scared of needles.” (because Isabella wasn’t)
  • “I need my blood.” (you will get punched for this one)
  • “I’m anemic.” (we’ll check your iron)
  • “I have enough, don’t need to give any.” (I kid you not on this one)
  • “I just got a tattoo.” (urban myth)
  • “I am diabetic.” (urban myth)
  • “I have high blood pressure.” (relax already)
  • “I’m on too many medications.” (we’ll check this for you)
  • “I’ll pass out.” (no you won’t)
  • “I had a bad experience in 1980.” (really?)
  • “My veins are too small.” (I doubt it)
  • “I am too busy.” (come on, aren’t we all)
  • “My doctor said I shouldn’t.” (lie)
  • “I’m too old.” (are you breathing?)
  • “I don’t want to feel bad afterwards.” (eat beforehand)
  • “I already gave this year.” (you can give every 56 days)
  • “I have never done it before.” (my favorite… try something new)


  • Cancer patients are the #1 recipients of blood products.
  • One local children’s hospital alone requires nearly 300 unit of red blood cells & more than 100 units of platelets each month.
  • You can donate full blood every 56 days, which translates into every 8 weeks.
  • Each whole blood donation (1 pint) has the potential to save up to 3 lives.
  • Blood cannot be manufactured

Join us March 9th for our LARGEST blood drive yet with Community Blood Center of the Carolinas.  Multiple locations throughout the Charlotte region. All donors who schedule their appointment for one of the ISF blood drives before March 9th will be entered into a raffle for a $100 iTunes gift card!

All presenting donors March 9th will receive an Isabella Santos Center blanket, a special T-shirt, a Cancer Messed With discount card and a Jersey Mike’s cookie! Donors will also be entered to win the following giveaways