Why Platelet Donations are Critical

“I donated platelets this morning in honor of Isabella’s life. As I sat in the chair, I mentally thanked the people who had donated when Andrew needed platelets.” -Kelly, Cancer Mom

For the seventh anniversary of Isabella’s passing, we honored her life by hosting our annual week-long platelet drive with OneBlood. We are humbled by the numbers that came in for the week, we cannot thank our donors and supporters enough for their gracious contribution…

  • 117 Scheduled Platelet Appointments
  • 103 Scheduled Whole Blood Appointments
  • 86 Platelet Donations Made
  • 183 Whole Blood Donations Made

Did you know…

  • Platelets are the tiny cells in your blood that help form clots and stop bleeding.
  • Cancer patients are the #1 recipients of platelets due to the harsh effects of chemotherapy treatment.
  • Platelet donations are used within 48-72 hours, so the need for this type of donation is critical.

“We are truly honored by the remarkable turnout for our 2019 platelet drive in honor of Isabella Santos. The dedication shown by the 86 people who stepped up to give this precious gift is outstanding. The time they spent in our donor chairs will help save the lives of patients in our community. We cannot thank the Isabella Santos Foundation, their followers, and our donors enough for their support at this drive and over the years. Through this partnership, OneBlood and ISF have worked to create a happier, healthier community, impacting the lives of countless patients and their families. We look forward to making an even bigger impact together in the years to come.”

Jessica Jankowski, Marketing Administrator for OneBlood 

But don’t stop there… summer is especially hard on blood supply products everywhere and we still need your support!

ISF is helping OneBlood and Atrium Health, Levine Children’s and The Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte put out an S.O.S. to all local blood donors to Save Our Summer!

Collections have been down all summer, and local patients – including cancer patients who are the No. 1 recipients of blood – are counting on you to ensure a steady blood supply is available for those in need. The life-saving blood products they require can only come from volunteer donors like you.

The 2nd annual Save Our Summer Blood Drives: 

  • Wednesday, July 17, 11 a.m.-7 p.m., in the ICU Walkway in Atrium Health Main
  • Friday, July 19, 11 a.m.-7 p.m., in the main floor conference room of Atrium Health’s Levine Children’s Hospital (1000 Blythe Blvd. in Charlotte).

Schedule appointment by calling 1.888.9DONATE (1.888.936.6283) or online here.

All presenting blood donors will receive a special limited-edition OneBlood Cooler and $10 eGift card voucher as a thank you. 

Make an appointment by July 16th to be entered to win raffle prizes such as a Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation Foursome, Doc Porters Tour Voucher for four and a bottle of whiskey, Viva Chicken gift cards, and many more prizes!