Voices of Childhood Cancer: A September Series to Help Inspire Change

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Voices of Childhood Cancer: A September Series to Help Inspire Change

Written by Rachel Wood, Director of Marketing


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month… although if you have been around for a while you know here at ISF we like to call it Childhood Cancer Action Month.  Because we hope we can move you past the awareness part straight into doing something about it.

During our September Series “Voices of Childhood Cancer” presented by Atrium Health Levine Children’s, we will give you a glimpse of what kids fighting cancer and their families truly go through.  We will share their stories, their heartbreaks, and their victories. We invite you to listen to their voices, every experience is different.

“One significant thing cancer families have in common is they never thought it would happen to them. See, pediatric cancer doesn’t run in the family. They don’t get these diseases because they smoked for 30 years or lived a lifestyle that gave them cancer in some way. They are all just normal, healthy kids who were told one day their life would never be the same AND told the cure they need is in the hands of doctors they have never met. Waiting on funding. All these families are so grateful for what we do and the support we receive from you during this month provides more hope.

So I invite you to dive into this series, meet these kids and families, read their stories, and share it with people you know. Donate to the cause as if it were your child and ask your friends and family to donate as if it were too. Be touched by a child this month and raise money on their behalf. So many of these families will be telling their stories for the first time because they hope it will inspire change and cures. Show them you are there behind them and know that every dollar you donate provides hope in a time when hope is something we could all use a little more of.” -Erin Santos, Isabella’s Mom

We hope you will feel compelled to help us turn Awareness into Action all September long.  These stories of hope and healing start with your compassion and generosity.  Your donation helps us reach father and move faster to develop improved treatments and promising cures for kids fighting rare cancers.

What does ACTION look like?

  • Follow along this month as we introduce you to cancer patients and their fights through our Facebook & Instagram channels
  • Comment, be cheerleaders for these kids
  • Repost & share
  • If you feel moved, donate
  • Start a Facebook fundraiser in honor of a child you know fighting

Proceeds benefit the ISF Rare and Solid Tumor Program and Research at Levine Children’s. Enhance your impact by GIVING MONTHLY.  Be part of something ongoing and make a difference… Every. Single. Month.  This helps sustain our efforts, long-term… just a little at a time without a financial burden on you.

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