Warrior Moms

Defining Support, The Cancer Warrior Mom Series is a collection of thoughts from many incredible Cancer Moms and how they define support. 

“Very rarely are Mom moments captured that aren’t posed. This was a real moment. I knew in this picture that we were at the end and every moment with her was heartbreaking. She didn’t know she was dying, but I knew. She would crawl up on my lap and I would hold her, feeling her ribs and every bone in her body. But my expression would not change, my lip would not quiver and she would not know that I was slowly dying inside. I would just hold her and be her Mom until I couldn’t anymore. The thoughts that were running through my head were deafening, but the words that came out of my mouth to her were different entirely. I held it all in from her and just loved her and made sure she wasn’t scared.” -Erin, Isabella’s Mom

The Pediatric Cancer Foundation reports that 43 children per day are diagnosed with cancer. That’s one in every 285 children facing a cancer diagnosis. Look around your group of mom friends… it could happen to any of us.  Your best friend or sister could very possibly inherit the ominous title… Cancer Mom.  

We have been inspired by the Cancer Moms we have featured this month and we thank each one of them willing to give us their honest thoughts on support.  We have heard and felt their words.  If you missed a story, we ask you to read it (all features listed below).  Every single one of their words deserve to be read. 

And if it were up to us… we would change their title to what they really are.

Warrior Moms.

Defining Support, The Cancer Warrior Mom Series

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Our Kind of Charity Event. Designer Heels, Handbags & Mimosas.

Handbags, Heels, and Horsepower is just a couple days away… Thursday, November 15th.  Hang with your girlfriends with mimosas in hand… while surrounded by 30 beautiful designer handbags and heels that will be up for raffle to help raise money for rare pediatric cancer research.

The Charlotte Auto Show and Isabella Santos Foundation have partnered together for the Handbags, Heels and Horsepower event Thursday, November 15 at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Jenn Jackson and Erin Santos stopped by WCCB Rising this morning to talk about the event.

Tickets include: 

  • Admission
  • One raffle ticket
  • Free parking at the NASCAR Hall of Fame (arrive early, parking will be based on availability)
  • Beverages & breakfast.  

But make sure to increase your odds of winning that coveted handbag or heel and purchase additional raffle tickets.  If purchased prior to November 15th, raffle tickets will be available for pick up during check-in of Handbags, Heels & Horsepower with your name/number already written on them. Believe us… that will be a huge time saver for you!


Nothing Better Than Summer Camp

Camp CARE 2018

Camp CARE… a weeklong summer camp to give kids fighting cancer, their siblings, and their family support. An emotionally safe place to just be and loads of memories. When children are diagnosed with cancer, a part of their childhood is ripped away from them. They spend countless hours/days/weeks in the hospital and clinics for treatment when other kids are playing games at the pool. Summer memories… every child deserves to have them.

Isabella’s siblings head to Camp Care today for the week. We also love to see cancer warrior Sam (Hope for Sam Rosebrock) and his brother Isaiah returning to Camp CARE.

Thank you Camp CARE for all that you do for kids and their families fighting cancer. We love that you look at a child as the child they are… not just a kid with cancer. And we LOVE that the planning committee is sporting custom ordered Cancer Messed With shirts to kick it all off.

Meet ISF: Director of Corporate Philanthropy

We have a lot going on at the foundation and we are so excited when more hands join in the mix.  Meet Kerry Winslow, our new Director of Corporate Philanthropy.  Kerry has been volunteering with ISF for years and wanted to take her involvement to the next level.  And boy has she jumped right in… during her first week with ISF in June, she donated platelets for the first time ever and donated blood the next week in honor of Isabella.  Not only is she helping ISF move to the next level, she is managing the event planning for our upcoming Pumpkin Charity Ball.  Her energy and zest fit right in and we love the new perspective she is bringing.  Earlier this year ISF committed to funding $5 million to establish the Isabella Santos Foundation Rare & Solid Tumor Program at Levine Children’s Hospital. Kerry is dedicated to help us figure out how to get there and says she wanted to make a difference by being part of the impact to kids with cancer and the change to our city.

“I am inspired by hard work and grit.  One of the main reasons I decided to get involved with ISF is because I am inspired by the hard work and grit of this foundation.  The idea of a community coming together and building something that will ultimately change the landscape of pediatric oncology in our city, and our country, is truly amazing.”

A little bit about Kerry…

Do you have kids?  I have been married to my husband, David, for 20 years this August! We have 3 children David (15), Audrey (13), and Nolan (11).

What’s one thing on your bucket list?  One thing on my bucket list is to totally disconnect and spend a couple weeks exploring Greece and Italy!

What’s your favorite thing to do?  I love to travel and am always up for a quick trip to the beach or NYC.

What’s your favorite movie?  It’s a toss up between Father of the Bride and My Best Friend’s Wedding! 

What inspire you?  I am inspired by hard work and grit.  One of the main reasons I decided to get involved with ISF is because I am inspired by the hard work and grit of this foundation.  The idea of a community coming together and building something that will ultimately change the landscape of pediatric oncology in our city, and our country, is truly amazing.

Magical Moments

A very special group of people sent the Santos family on their last Disney trip with Isabella right before she passed away. They knew that her most favorite memories were in Disney… and were determined to give Isabella and her family one last magical moment together. Isabella could barely get out of bed a good bit of the trip, but there were times the magic brought her out of her pain for just a few moments. Here she is watching fireworks right outside her balcony.

“We even decided to take her there just a couple of weeks before she passed away. Make-A-Wish has made this place the one place in the world that brought her the most happiness. We saw the impact that a wish trip had on her mental and physical state, as well as the rest of us. It made miracles happen for us – so many times.”

13-year old Sidney is fighting cancer… and we want to help bring her happiness too! From one magical moment to another, our hearts swell to think that we all could play a part in her WISH to visit the Harry Potter museum in London. We still have $3,000 left to raise to reach the $6,000 fundraising goal by March 31.  DETAILS and DONATE.