Scully Family

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Scully Family, Change the World For Kids Like Mia and Quincy

The Scully family knows exactly why raising funds and awareness for pediatric cancer is so important. It changes the world for 2 of their own, Mia and Quincy. This big family is full of so much love and laughter. How is it that 2 of 6 kids would both battle unrelated types of pediatric cancer? 

The family’s lives were forever changed in 2018 when Quincy, one of the family’s triplet baby girls was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.Our lives forever changed on Monday, September 24th. We held our sweet Quincy Lou in our arms as a neurologist informed us that our baby girl has a tumor on her spine” (Courtney Scully). Quincy the Brave endured more than any 18th month old ever should. In 2020, she beat the cancer, and has remained cancer free ever since. She has not quite hit her 3-year all clear, but continued good scans leave the Scully’s optimistic. 

“Years from now we’ll sit around our Thanksgiving table and tell our kids the story of the year they fought for their sister, the year we all battled cancer. We’ll tell them how it was hard, how our family was split apart for weeks at a time, how mom was stressed and dad needed to continue to earn an income. We’ll tell them that Quincy had to get really sick before she started to get better, that she lost every speck of hair on her head and that was difficult for all of us. We’ll tell them that we all cried lots of tears because we were scared, tired and we missed how life used to be. But, we’ll also tell them about how God used the 5 of them to cheer Quincy through the biggest battle of her life. We’ll tell them about the bold prayers they prayed for her, the notes they sent to the hospital for her, and the way they embraced her when she’d walk through the front door after a treatment. We’ll tell them how they celebrated every victory in her journey and that Thanksgiving 2019 held a whole new meaning for our family.” -Courtney Scully 

Tragedy struck the Scully family again in the fall of 2021 when their daughter and sibling, Mia, was taken to the ER for pain in her arms and lost muscle control in her face. After many tests, they were informed that Mia had leukemia, specifically T-cell ALL.

“We had a plan. By any measure, October (2021) was going to be a busy month: load the last POD, close the sale of our
house, ship the cars and dogs across the country, fly to Charlotte, complain about inflation, get settled into a new house in a new town, and start in earnest the building process on our property. And then in the middle of all that, our path changed. Mia lost control of her facial muscles and a CHLA emergency room visit turned into an inpatient stay which then turned into a cancer diagnosis. Again. And this time, we know some of the road ahead. And at times like that, words can fail us. We remember the inundation of Dr. visits and scans and treatment decisions. We remember the surgeries and medicines and side effects. Except this time, it’s not with a baby who won’t remember some of it. It’s with a beautiful 8 year old who has already had a front row seat to cancer and is aware of what is coming.” -Courtney Scully 

Mighty Mia is still undergoing treatment, but nonetheless a smile is always on her face. She is a warrior just like her little sister Quincy. Kids like Quincy and Mia are who you are helping to change the world for. We hope you feel inspired by kids like them and donate.

 Your donation benefits the ISF Rare & Solid Tumor Program at Levine Children’s, a global program for kids battling rare cancers. 

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