Levine Children’s, One of 10 hospitals to Have a Ryan Seacrest Foundation Studio

Our buddy Madison had a checkup and magnetic therapy on her leg that was treated for osteosarcoma on March 29th. First appointment since ringing the bell end of February. Madison’s femur has started growing on it’s own! Although she still cannot walk unassisted and still uses a walker or wheelchair, there is evidence that her femur is attaching itself to the cadaver bone. How amazing is that?

Naturally, Madison headed down to Levine Children’s Seacrest Studios right after. The Studio’s director, Meredith, already had some fun scheduled with Frutta Bowls Charlotte. Madison got busy making delicious açaí treats for all of us while we were entertained by Frutta’s Chef Nick and his loud Brooklyn accent! Such a fun afternoon, dancing (specifically to Moana) and tons of hugs and giggles.

Levine’s is one of 10 hospitals to have a Ryan Seacrest Foundation Studio in the U.S. It’s that happy place for patients. That place patients can go and forget why they are in the hospital. And if patients can’t get down to the studio, everything is broadcasted through a closed circuit network direct to patient rooms. Patients can call down song requests or in yesterday’s case, Frutta Bowl requests! What an incredible outlet this program provides for patients!

Meredith Dean and Levine Children’s Seacrest Studios team is one of the things that sets LCH apart from other hospitals! Meredith is so passionate about these kids fighting and shows up at work every single day with the goal of putting a smile on their faces. Love what she does for the hospital, for the kids and their families!

Madison was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of pediatric cancer one year ago in April. This brave girl has come such a long way in a very short period of time. If you missed her story, you can see her video and read it here.

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