ISF Intern Class of 2020: Week 6 Update

Wow, week 6 already in the books for our Summer Intern Class! For the next couple weeks our intern teams are challenged with creating a fundraiser (or multiple) ideas, creating the plan, assigning the tasks and implementing them. We have already started to see give back days come through, plans for raffles, and ISF Magnet sales. Looking forward what other creative fundraisers they develop!

Thank you to Sandra Szoke, partner at Impact Marketing Partners, for being our guest speaker on our team video call. As Sandra put it… “This intern team has shined light into a pretty dark year.” Appreciate you Sandra for touching on strategic marketing and putting fundraising plans into place!

Great job teams… keep impressing us!

Purple Cancer Eaters lead by Ashton Barlow (College of Charleston):
➡️Currently in the lead and has brought in right over $20,000 in fundraising
➡️Congrats to the team MVP this week, Lily Urban (College of Charleston), for her continued outreach work

The Curesaders lead by Jack Davis (UNCC):
➡️Held the first give back fundraiser on Friday at Frutta Bowls Charlotte
➡️Congrats to the team MVP, Riley Holleran (Miami University), for her work on the 7 day rare cancer campaign & introducing us to a new cancer story

Kicking Cancer’s Cath lead by Brendi Bluitt (UNCC Grad Student):
➡️Currently in first place for the most race teams, 5 additional teams have been set up under their team
➡️Congrats to the team MVP, Natalie VanNoy (Queens University), for her creativity and developing a new video campaign

Three Wish Warriors lead by Zoe Pudela (UNC)
➡️Raised the most money at the STIR grand opening event
➡️Congrats to team MVP, Tara Pavithran (U of Illinois Urbana-Champaigne), for her creativity and always filling in the gaps

Team Happy Feet lead by Emily Mecia (UNC):
➡️Currently has brought in the most new sponsors, 4 new businesses
➡️Congrats for winning the last creative content challenge, 7 day rare cancer campaign.
➡️Congrats to the team MVP, Jillian Willard (Alabama Undergrad, Winthrop Grad Student), for all her work on the team challenge video and ongoing visuals