Isabella Santos Foundation Supporters Help Raise Over $16,000 on Giving Tuesday

Written by Rachel Wood, Director of Marketing

What a day yesterday!  We are incredibly grateful for your support as you helped us raise $16,375 for rare pediatric cancer on Giving Tuesday!  Levine Children’s is changing the future of rare pediatric cancer care right here in Charlotte and we are thankful to be part of it – all thanks to you!

Adam (green shirt) & Family

We are exceptionally touched when supporters donate in honor of a cancer warrior.   Like many did yesterday in honor of Adam Kincaid who lost his battle with cancer in October. 

Adam’s family helped rally his Strong Like AK army to raise a total of $2,150 through their Facebook fundraiser. We are humbled they chose to impact rare pediatric cancer through ISF for Giving Tuesday.  With today being two months to the day from when Adam passed, his family wants everyone to know of all the good that can still be done even on the darkest of days. 

Adam was diagnosed with NUT Midline Carcinoma in May of 2019 and fought hard for 18 months before he passed on October 2, 2020.  He was only 16 years old.  He was only a Junior in high school. 

After what was thought to be a basketball injury to the ribs, a CT scan discovered both a large left lung mass and a tumor on Adam’s T9 vertebrae. NUT Midline Carcinoma is a rare and very aggressive form of cancer that often forms along the midline structures (head, neck, or lungs).  There are fewer than 100 documented cases in the world, that’s how rare it is.

Adam went through so much in a short 18 months.  Chemotherapy, radiation, multiple surgeries, severe ongoing pain, and two clinical trials.  But his cancer was relentless and the treatment options couldn’t keep up.  That’s the problem with these rare cancers, options are limited.  

“Never would our family have thought we would be where we are today. When we received Adam’s diagnosis we were shocked to hear that he had a rare cancer. No known cure? No path of treatment?

Time was too short for our sweet angel and so many other kids with a similar rare cancer diagnosis. Thankfully some amazing research and treatment options are taking place in our own backyard of Charlotte, NC. Families are coming from all over the world to receive these advanced treatments that are now available from a wonderful team of physicians (which includes Adam’s amazing team of doctors).

Adam was an amazing and well-loved kid. Our community thought the world of him as did all his friends and family. We have been very blessed with an army of support and we are happy to help in any way we can! Levine’s, Dr. O, and his team were a huge part in Adam and our family being able to create as many memories as possible with him while he fought this battle and we are forever grateful.”  -Kim, Adam’s Mom

Thank you to all who created fundraisers for ISF, who donated online, and who shared and encouraged others to do so.  We can’t help create an impact for kids like Isabella and Adam without your support!

But we aren’t done! We set a goal to raise a total of $39,000 in December.  We have $22,625 left to raise in 29 days… can we do it?