Little Heroes Blood Drive Results in Life Saving Impacts

This past September in honor of pediatric cancer awareness month, local cancer dad, Shawn Flynn, came up with the idea to organize a full month of blood drives in honor of local cancer kids.  His goal… 30 blood drives in 30 days.  Shawn joined forces with OneBlood of the Carolinas, the Isabella Santos Foundation, and several cancer families to bring The Little Heroes Blood Drive to life.  Shawn’s idea turned out to be Oneblood’s largest amount of blood drives hosted by one person in 30 days.  And he succeeded that by booking over 40!  Phenomenal to see cancer families from all over the region come together to make such a huge impact on our community!

The Little Heroes Blood Drive resulted in:

  • 41 blood drives
  • 893 donors
  • 965 units of blood collected
  • $8,930 donated to pediatric cancer

Just 1 unit of blood can potentially save up to 3 lives… this idea of Shawn’s potentially impacted 2,895 people.  That is crazy! 

Oneblood donated $10 for every donor to ISF and we are honored to receive $8,930 for pediatric cancer research!

Friday afternoon we gathered with Shawn, Oneblood and several cancer families at the Isabella Santos Oneblood donation center as they presented us the check.  Thank you to Oneblood for continuing to serve our community, thank you to Shawn and all the cancer families for coming together to bring in over 40 drives, and thank you to all of you who donated blood to make this impact happen.  

What a perfect way to end the week!