6th Annual Isabella Santos Award

Don’t ever underestimate the impact that you may have on someone else’s life.

Last week during our Coffee for a Cure events, we recognized three individuals with the 6th Annual Isabella Santos Award.  Each award recipient below has made a difference to those around them and continue to do so. They are out to make an impact and inspire change. And we love that they impact and inspire in their own way.  We thank them for the kind individuals they are, the admirable characteristics they embody and all that they have done for the fight against childhood cancer.

Tom Patania & Tim McBride, Isabella Santos Award Recipients with last year’s recipient Jackson Lowry (middle)


If you have ever attended a run in Charlotte, you know him.  His famous beard and part-time Christmas job may have you know his face, but if that’s all you know – you are missing out.  Tim McBride lost both of his parents to cancer and his story is amazing.  2 years ago he said he was going to run 50 miles in honor of losing his dad 50 years ago.  I came out and joined him on his run for about 11 miles and listened to him tell me his life story and how Cancer Messed With the Wrong Kid by taking both of his parents.  He runs for every type of cancer cause and is constantly fundraising.  He runs every single day – and as of today has run 2,324 days in a row – never stopping one single day.  He is one of our top foundation supporters and is our most loved Dream Team member for sure.  


We never would have met Tim, had there not been a Tom.  Tom Patania, our beloved Dream Team marathon coach graciously stepped forward 5 years ago with an idea of training a few people to run a half-marathon for ISF.  All in the name of his mom who lost her own battle to cancer.  5 years later, hundreds of runners and over $400,000 later – his impact became 10 fold.  Tom was up before the sun, organizing runs, water stops, cheerleading and motivating a team of grumpy early morning runners.  His positivity and optimizim was infectious.  He helped make runners and walker’s dreams a reality and in the same time – made a huge impact in the world of pediatric cancer.  

Christie Keagy & Erin Santos, Isabella Santos Award


Impact comes in many different forms.  Not only has Christie made a personal impact on Isabella and her family, she continues to volunteer for our organization by serving on the Auction Committee and volunteering for events throughout the year.  Christie is always available when we need a last minute volunteer to make something happen and she constantly spreads the word about our fight against childhood cancer.

“I realized the last couple of months of Isabella’s life we never heard her kids play outside ever.  She kept her children inside, so that I didn’t have to hear other little girls play outside.”  -Erin Santos

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