Why CEENTA Runs With ISF

Written by 5K for Kids Cancer Platinum Sponsor, Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.

Partnerships can be a beautiful thing.

ISF 5K for Kids Cancer Platinum Sponsor, CEENTA

Working together for a common goal, connecting with others from all walks of life, and sharing moments of victory after many days and months of planning are just some of the perks established when two companies collaborate. When it comes to partnering with the Isabella Santos Foundation, these outcomes only scratch the surface.

Isabella Santos’ story resonates with everyone. It’s not exclusive to those in the medical field, though it does add an extra layer of motivation. From parents, grandparents, and relatives who are affected by the child’s condition to classmates who arrive at their desk one morning and hear the news from their teacher, pediatric cancer can disrupt a community. Perhaps the most devastating aspect is seeing a child’s potential limited by something out of their hands. Yet, this is where ISF comes in.

The Isabella Santos Foundation’s work in battling pediatric cancer is impeccable. With nearly $5 million raised in over a decade, they have been a vanguard in the Charlotte community to give children affected by various and rare forms of cancer a fighting chance. The impact of their funding towards research and treatment cannot be measured.

At Charlotte Eye Ear Nose, and Throat Associates, P.A., our patients vary in age and severity for their ENT and eye care. On occasion, we have patients, particularly children, who are brought to our facilities to test for vision or hearing loss stemming from cancer treatments. While these symptoms are always concerning, we understand that further studies are needed to make such treatments more comfortable and effective in their lives. ISF’s contribution to cancer treatment research and development has played a huge factor in the lives of many of our patients and their families across North and South Carolina. Our physicians and staff members across multiple specialties have recognized this significance and want to contribute to the best of our abilities.

Dr. Joshua Levine, MD, an ENT specialist at CEENTA, is a frequent participant in ISF’s yearly 5k run to raise funds. “We are honored to partner with the Isabella Santos Foundation to help pediatric patients navigate any ear, nose and throat concerns that may arise during their treatment. We look forward to helping in the inpatient and outpatient settings. Our community is fortunate to have such a dedicated organization to help treat and research rare solid pediatric cancers.”

That is why CEENTA is running with the Isabella Santos Foundation. Not just because of aligned goals or community outreach, but because we recognize that the possibility of extending a child’s life through extensive pediatric cancer research and treatment is one that must be fulfilled. While we pride ourselves in treating eyes, ears, noses, and throats, Isabella Santos’ legacy has stolen our hearts.