ISF Intern teams were challenged with creating a 7 day social media rare pediatric campaign to help raise awareness.  Each team was assigned with a designated rare cancer and responsible for conducting research, creating a storyboard and plan, developing daily educational graphics and content.

Congrats to Team Happy Feet for bringing in the win for this 2-week creative challenge.  Happy Feet provided the most detailed and organized research and planning with a good mixture of visual elements and educational detail.

Team Kicking Cancer’s Cath Rare Pediatric Cancer Campaign: Eradicate Ewing

Intern Lead:  Brendi Bluitt, Graduate Student, UNCC


This week we will begin our new campaign, Eradicate Ewing. The goal of this campaign is to inform & educate about Ewing sarcoma, one of the rare pediatric cancers that we highlight and fundraise for at ISF. Through our content this week, we hope that you all better understand Ewing’s and the impact it can have on the body, a child, or family.


One of the most stark statistics when it comes to pediatric cancer is the fact that 96% of federal research dollars go towards adult cancers, and only 4% goes towards pediatric cancers. There are 12 types of pediatric cancer and over 100 subtypes, meaning that once this 4% is spread across for each one, it simply is not enough money going towards research. This is why your support to ISF is so important–we have to help support research because there are not enough funds available at the federal level. Visit to donate today!


The STAR Act is the most extensive cancer bill ever passed by Congress. Rare childhood cancers recieve minimal funding and this act allows for more research to be done surrounding all facets of people struggling with childhood cancer. Without this act children dealing with cancer would not have the information or tools to move forward in their journey.


Ewing Sarcoma accounts for 1% of childhood cancer and its only the beginning. With so many different types of rare pediatric cancer such as Ewing Sarcoma, the time for action is now. Make a difference in a child’s life by donating to ISF today!


Cancer Warrior Spotlight


Time for a quiz! Test your knowleldge on rare pediatric cancer with these questions. Did any of these statistics surprise you? Comment below how many you got right!


Your support of ISF has the ability to make a difference in the lives of familes and children impacted by rare pediatric cancer. Ewing sarcoma is just one of the rare pedatric cancers that kids face. You can continue to support by visiting today to donate!

Below are  samples of  Team Kicking Cancer’s Cath campaign graphics.