Wishful Thinking…

To Be a Mommy…To Meet Minnie Mouse…To Get my “Tubbies” out…To Stay Cancer Free …To Spend Christmas at Home…… NEVER. GIVE. UP.

Wishes With Molly, 2013

Wishes With Molly, 2013

These are just a handful of the wishes that were made at the 5K Kids for Cancer “Wishes with Molly” Booth on September 21st, 2103. What we saw by the end of the day was such an inspiration. Clouds were hanging everywhere- adorned and collaged with the hopes and dreams of hundreds of children and adults alike. Hopes and dreams described in a simple wish, written on a cloud.

What is a simple wish to us? Well, let us tell you.

Isabella had three wishes. 

  1. Beat Cancer
  2. Grow Hair
  3. Live My Dreams
Wishes With Molly, 2013

Wishes With Molly, 2013

Early on, in the planning stages for the 6th Annual event- we wanted to do something to make our race very personal. The race is personal to us- so why not share the love and make it that way for everyone? It does happen to fall in the month of September during Pediatric Cancer Awareness/ ACTION Month- so what better time – to see Isabella’s vision everywhere!

We started the #isf3wishes campaign early on in the year to help bring awareness to the simple things that kids experiencing cancer dream about.  The simple things, that most of “us” take for granted.  We make the decision each day,  if we should wear our hair up in a ponytail,  cut it short, color it, braid it, curl it…you name it.

Isabella just wanted it back.  Even if it was only a few strands. Kind of stops you in your tracks, huh?

To continue her legacy, we asked for people around the world, to send in their 3 wishes for kids with cancer.  We asked… we received….and we were blown away by the response we got. Each photo and wish that came along with it, was a little piece of Isabella’s heart…. that ultimately, melted ours.

We sat down with WBTV’s Molly Grantham late in the summer and asked if she would be interested in partnering with us for this special project. She does so many amazing things for our community and for people- that we knew she was the perfect person. We worked with her to spotlight children facing pediatric cancer, throughout the month of September to bring their voice and their wishes to the forefront.

#ISF3Wishes, 2013

#ISF3Wishes, 2013

Each child has his/her OWN STORY. Each child has his/her OWN DREAMS. And each child…has his/her OWN WISHES. Just like Isabella.  So, how are they different? They are still here and fighting hard. These are the people WE are now fighting for in Isabella’s honor.  She would want that. No Doubt.

You can see ALL of the stories that she featured on her Sept 30th FB post:

We set up a “WISHES WITH MOLLY” booth the morning of the race and had hundreds of blank clouds for people to write their simple wishes on. By the end of the day it was such a beautiful sight! Clouds and clouds and clouds filled with hundreds of wishes were hanging everywhere. This meant Isabella was right there too!

A special thank you to Molly Grantham and to each person that made a wish. We are hoping they are all are fulfilled!

See Molly’s personal Photo Gallery Here


#ISF3Wishes Ice Cream Party, Hosted By Samantha Busch

Samantha Busch, wife of NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and Executive Director of the Kyle Busch Foundation, showed tremendous support for the Isabella Santos Foundation by coming up with the idea to host an #ISF3Wishes Ice Cream Party at Levine Children’s Hospital on June 17. Samantha dedicated the party to Isabella’s memory, and invited all of the children’s hospital patients and their families to attend.


The event was the result of the 3 wishes Samantha tweeted to her Twitter followers in support of our #ISF3Wishes campaign to raise awareness for pediatric cancers. Her first wish was to: “Throw an ice cream party (with lots of hugs) for the kids at Levine Children’s Hospital.”


The children’s faces lit up when they saw the roomful of ice cream and candy.


Samantha, KBF, and their sponsors provided all of the wonderful treats.


Our team had an amazing time serving the kids and being able to be a part of bringing smiles to their faces. We know Isabella would have loved it.


Especially the moment Samantha received one of Isabella’s paintings as a gift and revealed that she “loves peacocks.”


A huge thanks to Samantha Busch, the Kyle Busch Foundation, and Levine Children’s Hospital for each of their roles in making this day possible! View Samantha’s original #ISF3Wishes tweet and visit our Facebook page for more photos from the event.

Introducing the #ISF3Wishes Campaign

Take a ‘Selfie’ to Save Kids’ Lives

Beat Cancer. Grow Hair. Live My Dreams. These were the words written across Isabella’s favorite T-shirt, the one she often wore to her treatments for neuroblastoma. More than just a slogan, these words became Isabella’s personal 3 wishes as she fought against the cancer that ultimately took her life, and will continue to take kids’ lives until we find a way to stop it.


In this age of camera phones and social media, we all have photos of ourselves floating around in cyberspace – what if you could make just one of those photos make a difference? Now, you can.

To raise awareness for pediatric cancers, and in honor of Isabella’s 3 wishes, the Isabella Santos Foundation is asking YOU to post a self-photo displaying 3 wishes you’d like to make for kids with cancer.

Participate in “3 Wishes” in 3 simple steps:

  • Wish it: Come up with 3 wishes you’d like to put out into the world for kids with cancer. They can be wishes for all kids with cancer – or for a specific child you know.
  •  Snap it: Take a photo of yourself displaying your wishes in any way you’d like (e.g., hold up a sign, write them on your hands, write on a t-shirt – get as creative as you’d like!). Just be sure the pic includes both your lovely face and your 3 wishes.
  • Share it: Post your photo on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or anywhere you’d like to spread the word with hashtag #ISF3Wishes. You can also post it on our Facebook page.

What we wish more than anything is that a cure had come in time for Isabella. Now, we hope that with your help in this effort to raise awareness and funds, maybe it can come in time for other children.

We thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your participation. We can’t wait to see the photos you share!

Grant and Sophia’s 3 wishes

Isabella’s Story
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