ISF Partners with Atrium Health Levine Children’s for Mother’s Day Weekly Series

[Presented by Atrium Health Levine Children’s

A New Meaning to Being a Mom

Being a mom with a child who has cancer changes you. Being a mom who treats those children with cancer, changes you too. We heard from some of our Levine Children’s cancer moms and their oncology care providers, who are moms themselves. We asked 7 Mom’s – Cancer Mom Denielle, Dr. Pope, Cancer Mom Nikki, Nurse Practitioner Lauren, Cancer Mom Michelle, Dr. Hinson and Cancer Mom Julie – to share what Mother’s Day means to them. And how living through a pandemic impacts momlife. [Presented by Atrium Health Levine Children’s]

Featured Moms:

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**Disclaimer:  photos featured were taken before masking and social distancing guidelines were in place.