ISF Summer Intern Class of 2020 Raised Over $75,000 for Pediatric Cancer

5 Summer Intern Leads and their volunteer teams raised a grand whopping total of $77,054 for pediatric cancer during the summer!  Unbelievable!

From day 1 our Summer Intern Class WOWED us.  We are so proud of every single one of them.  This group helped us redirect our focus during a very unusual year.  Thank you to each student for giving us their time, passion, creative brain cells and dedication this summer.  We are so grateful to all of you!

We feel like proud parents as their baby’s fly the coup. Today is our Intern Lead’s official last day.  We have watched each Lead grow, learn and mold into fantastic leaders.   Thank you Ashton, Brendi, Emily, Jack and Zoe for leading the charge in our inaugural intern class.  Although college is looking quite a bit different this year, we know you guys will excel and continue to make your mark on this world! 

We look forward to sharing with you the overall program winner!

Take a look at many of the projects our Intern Teams worked on over the summer:  ISF Intern Class Portfolio