The Importance of Monthly Giving for Nonprofits

Making a monthly donation is more important than ever before and has lasting impact.

Written by Karen Murphy, Director of Sponsorships

The impact of recurring donations is incredibly important to nonprofits today. The global pandemic has had shattering implications in the nonprofit community. Most nonprofits host several fundraising events each year. These events allow them to showcase the current programs and funding projects, and highlight the results that could be achieved if those attending make a donation to the cause. Then COVID hit. No in-person events. Nonprofits had to cancel some annual events entirely, and switch to a virtual model for others. There has been a need to rethink fundraising in the industry in order to continue the important work of each nonprofit mission. Now, more than ever, nonprofits need reliable revenue and recurring donation programs are the key to it.

Donors using recurring monthly giving contribute 42% more on average in annual giving. It’s simple. Donors set up recurring donations in any amount — it can be changed or canceled any time. Set it. And forget it. This is an amazing way to support any organization for which you are passionate. It helps you budget and give at an affordable pace, because of this, 52% of Millennials are more likely to give monthly over a larger one-time donation. Monthly giving allows you to make a difference all year long. Every. Single. Month… IMPACT. That’s something of which you can be proud. The average monthly donation is $53, compared to the average one-time gift of $128. That $53 monthly is easier to budget for the donor and earns $636 annually for the nonprofit! 

Did you know… the Isabella Santos Foundation, like most nonprofits, has a recurring gift program? At ISF we call this our Club Level Monthly Giving Program.  I have donated at various times each year for years to ISF but only became a recurring donor this month. It just hadn’t occurred to me before. But statics prove, the impact is greater and in today’s climate, it has never been more needed.  As Van Gogh said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” 

Would you be willing to give up two Starbucks or smoothies to help a child with cancer? A $10 gift per month to ISF, earns $120 towards less toxic treatment options for rare pediatric cancers. That’s just .33 cents a day! That’s very doable for lots of folks, and you can feel great knowing you’re making a difference!