June marks a significant date as it is the month that Isabella lost her fight to neuroblastoma. This year will be 5 years since we lost her to this horrible disease on June 28th, 2012. The Santos family has been through their ups and downs in dealing with losing a daughter, sister, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, niece and cousin. But as you have most likely noticed, they have persevered… and they lead the push to fight for kids with cancer in Isabella’s honor. This month we will be sharing both the happy and raw times as we celebrate Isabella’s spirt and the legacy she left behind.

Her personality would be the anchor…

Isabella and Don reading the paper

“One of the most precious moments with Isabella took place prior to the cancer diagnosis. It was about a year before that terrible October. As I look back…her personality would be the anchor for her struggles later. Isabella was visiting Katherine and I in Florida while mom and dad went to a wedding and left her with us for a week. Isabella required that she sit each day at the breakfast table and read the newspaper with me and she would not want to leave my lap until I had turned all the pages. Small as she was when Katherine was making dinner, Isabella had to be a part of the process. Isabella was so young, but so engaged with us. It is impossible to imagine then what this wonderful person would be forced to endure. Her inner strength has been the touchstone for our lives since. My big consolation is she is watching over us and filling our lives with love.”  -Isabella’s Grandparents, Don & Katherine Santos

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