#FeelGoodFriday: Marvin Ridge High School Charity Club Organizes Food Drive

Our city is full of the best people and best businesses. Every day we learn of something spectacular that our volunteers, supporters, sponsors, and partners are doing during this crazy time and gives us hope. Every Friday, we will spotlight something spectacular around us. We hope it will brighten your day too!

Today’s #FeelGoodFriday shout out goes out to Marvin Ridge Highschool’s ISF Club!  This group of students partnered with several other clubs to organize a school wide food drive.  All donations went to the 2nd Harvest Food Bank which supplies food & essential groceries to over 800 agencies feeding people in need throughout 24 counties.   Food donations to the Food Bank helps all of these organizations and the people who live in our region.

Marvin Ridge ISF Club is a charity club that several passionate girls developed at Marvin Ridge High (Union County, NC).  The club has 32 members with a faculty advisor and is dedicated to charity work.  Since their inception club members volunteer at ISF events, for other local charities and raise awareness about pediatric cancer.  We love the initiative the members put behind this club!

“We felt that now more than ever we should be doing our best to give back to our community, especially as our school has been very blessed.” -Jason Walford, Member of the Officer Board for the of Marvin Ridge High School: Isabella Santos Foundation Club

Thank you Marvin Ridge ISF Club, we love the service you provide and the example you set for others your age!