Donations At Work: Update on Project:EveryChild

Your donations at work! We love when we can share ISF funded trials or program updates. In 2016, ISF awarded Project:EveryChild with $25,000 where every type of childhood cancer, no matter how rare, will be studied by more than 200+ pediatric cancer programs of The Children’s Oncology Group, as they lead the way towards better cures.
With the help of ISF funds, Project:Every Child has completed the following:
– Project:EveryChild opened at 205 member institutions across 5 countries
– Combined enrollment a total of 5,916 children on to the protocol.
– COG Biorepository at Nationwide Children’s Hospital has collected and bio-banked nearly 20,000 biospecimens which will be made available for future translational research efforts.
– Expected cumulative enrollment total to reach 7,000 by the end of 2017 and then somewhere in the range of 11,000 – 12,000 by the end of 2018.
– Protocol amendment approved by the National Cancer Institute: COG member institutions are now implementing all of Project:EveryChild’s initially envisioned components, including the collection of patient circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) and parental DNA samples. The collection of ctDNA is especially impactful, as it has both immediate and downstream benefits that will significantly impact how all children with cancer are treated.
This research capability, coupled with parental DNA collection via blood and saliva samples, will have a profound impact on our understanding of the genomic changes that arise in tumors, as well our knowledge of risk factors that increase the chances of developing childhood cancer.
Thank you for continuing to fight cancer in Isabella’s honor. We couldn’t have helped fund this project without you!