Kevin Malone Says: Chili Cures All

Originally Published on Charlotte is Creative

Each week, Matt Olin and Tim Miner, co-publishers of The Biscuit, visit with Kristen Miranda and WBTV’s QC Life team to talk about three creative initiatives or individuals that are exciting them. This week, they shared a special message of support for the Isabella Santos Foundation from Brian Baumgartner, the actor who played “accountant” and inventor of the numeral the “keleven” Kevin Malone, on The Office.

Like many nonprofits, ISF is working to find new and creative ways to fundraise in the time of COVID-19. To do this, they’ve assembled a large team of summer interns who are working in teams to develop new methods to drive attention and donations. One team – the “Cure-saders” – was able to secure the love and attention of none other than the “lead drummer” of Scrantonicity II. (NOT, Scrantonicity, with whom he is no longer affiliated.)