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Christmas Fingerprints

“Christmas Fingerprints…” It’s that time of year again. It’s funny that no matter how much time passes I still go into the season forgetting that she’s not here. I start thinking of my Christmas list and I have to mentally note to not write her name down. I feel like each year we play a […]

Thank You!!!!

The #ISFTagTeam TOOK ACTION TO ITS BEST …. and the Results are IN! To Our Incredible Supporters, Words cannot express how grateful we are for you. Grateful. Humbled.  Appreciative and amazed….by each and every single one of you. What a TEAM we have in you! Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough when we look at […]

Why She Did it…

Day 25 Why she did it… Yesterday, I told my Mom I’m going to take a break from writing. I want you to write a blog on what the experience has been like from your point of view. Do what I do, have a glass of wine, sit on the back patio for 20 minutes, […]

Why I Go Red…

Day 23 Why I go red… Every single time we had to tell her, I dreaded it. I found that whenever we received the news of a relapse, it was the first place my mind went. We would walk through the plan of new chemo drugs she would start and when. I would try to […]

Why Grant Saves Us…

Day 22 Why Grant saves us… For years they were frick and frack. They were only 18 months apart so once they could both walk and talk, they were best friends. He grew up knowing her with cancer and knowing that he had to be careful with her. He knew to watch for her line […]