$1,000,000 Goal for MIBG Room at Levines

WHY THE $1,000,000 GOAL THIS YEAR? We have gotten this question several times. One simple fact… to bring the leading pediatric cancer treatments to local children in our surrounding communities. We have committed to fund the creation of a MIBG room at Levine Children’s Hospital and anticipate breaking ground in 2018.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? In just one year, our local children will not only benefit from the new MIBG room, but also trials involving MIBG therapy. With your 2017 donations, ISF was able to fund the Frontline MIBG Therapy project trial through the Children’s Oncology Group (COG). This trial hopes to reduce the number of children who relapse and reduce the burden of late effects of therapy. It will be ready for children across the country in August 2018 where an MIBG room is available. Guess who will have an MIBG room?

WHAT IS MIBG? A cutting edge, targeted therapy used to treat relapsed or high-risk neuroblastoma with little to no pain and side effects. This treatment requires a highly specialized team to deliver the therapy and a special room to assure that patients, family, and health care providers are safe.

WHY IS BUILDING A ROOM SO EXPENSIVE? The room is specifically designed for this type of therapy and is created with lead shielding due to the radioactive nature of the treatment. These lead walls provide the highest level of protection for patients and families. The MIBG room will have an adjoining suite so the patient will always be close to their family.